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Get Paid for Actively Surfing the Web

Yes, it seems to good to be true but, you could be getting paid for what you are doing right now - Surfing the Web. Not only will they pay you for your web surfing but, if you refer your friends to the program, they'll pay you for their hours spent browsing the web as well. Check out AllAdvantage's Referral Caluculator to see how much you can really make with the addition of referrals. It's phenomenal. You ask how can they pay you and your freinds to dilly dally around the Web? Well, these companies generate revenue from advertising. When you sign up, you download a small message window that sits at the bottom or top of your screen that displays advertisements. It's that simple. All you give up is a small bit of screen real estate to display the ads. There is no obligation to click on the ads (although many ads have very enticing offers that you might want to check out) and there are no sign-up fees or payments of any kind. Except of course for that monthly payment they make to you that comes in your mailbox every month for all that time spent online actively cruising the Web. AllAdvantage seems to be the front runner right now - touting over 3 million users but, there are several newcomers listed below that are more than willing to pay for you and your friends browsing times as well. Why not get paid for something you normally do for free anyway? There is no risk to join (it's totally FREE) and you can quit at any time. So become a part-time Pro Surfer today!!

Get Paid for Active Online Time
Company Pay Rate Max # of Paid Hours Levels of Referrals
AllAdvantage $0.50/hr 25 hours 5
Desktop Dollars $0.50/hr 40 hours 6
Desktop Horizon $0.60/hr 40 hours 5
DotAd 75% of Total Revenue None 6
Epipo $0.60/hr 50 hours 5
GoToWorld $0.40/hr 40 hours 3
mValue $0.50/hr 10 hours to start 2
Surfing2Cash $0.60/hr 40 hours 4

Get Paid to Read Email

How many times have you opened your inbox only to find 100+ emails to sort through. This can be quite a chore but why not make it worth your while. You can open a free account with one of the following companies and get paid for reading e-mails. In order to get paid you simply set up a free account, give them your email address (I would suggest opening up a separate email account with or myTalk solely for this purpose. Then when you check your email account you can go down the list reading each one and clicking the hyperlink in the email (by clicking the hyperlink the company knows you have read the email and credits your account). Most of these companies will develop a profile of your interests during signup to see where you interests lie so if you are interested in mountain biking you won't get uninteresting mail about underwater basket weaving. Generally you are paid for every e-mail you read and click on the link. Payments can range from $0.03/email to $2.50/email. Additional income can be made by referring others to the program similar to the pay to surf referral programs listed above. With these services not only do you get paid to read your email but the email you are sent is chosen based on your preferences so you are bound to find the mailings interesting as well as profitable.

Get Paid to Read Email
Company Pay Rate Levels of Referrals Description
AllCommunity $0.03/e-mail 4 The pay rates and number of referrals are based on Revenue Program 1. Pricing varies according to the program you select.
MoneyForMail $0.20 - $2.50/e-mail ?? They pay you to read email! No catch. You get $.20 - $2.50 per email PLUS 5% from direct income of members you refer.
SendMoreInfo $0.05 ?? Membership is FREE! There is no fee! Simply sign up and you will begin receiving email from those advertisers that submit email to the categories you have chosen as interested in!

All of the above links work but check back real soon for new additions.

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