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Before You Select a Web-Mail Account

Believe it or not, all web based email accounts aren't created equal. Be selective when selecting your web-mail account. Currently, there are new web based email systems that are truly feature rich - offerring more than your basic plain vanilla e-mail, but also include faxing capabilities and voicemail all built into one. A few of the web base systems that currently offer these unique and useful features are MailExcite and With these webmail accounts you can get your email and voice messages by phone. In fact with you can actually listen to your email in your own voice!! So, you don't even need a computer to send and recieve email. It can all be done by with your phone. So choose wisely and have fun with it. If you decide you don't care for a particular system, or it simply doesn't suit your needs, try another. Why not? They're FREE!

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