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  • Get Coupons in Your Area - Type in you ZIP code and what type of coupon you're looking for (or just leave marked "ANY" to list 'em all) and get your "printable" coupons immediately.

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  • CoolSpot Bargain Dog Newsletter - The Free Customized E-mail Newsletter Reporting the Best Bargains at the Leading Online Merchants
  • - This page offers software with 100% rebates making them essentially free (all you have to pay is shipping and handling).
  • inc. - Download the Coolsavings Coupon Manager to get high quality coupons that scan at the register at a store near you or find coupons that are redeemable on the web. One of the best, if not the best, coupon site on the Net.
  • - Coupon Pages, Web-Coupons, and Internet Coupons are web pages that you print to save money with. So browse their growing list of free coupons to see all the latest bargains.
  • CouponSpot - Review the coupons that are available on a national level or find out what coupons are available in your local area.
  • CoolSpotCyberRebate - Everything they sell comes with a rebate...up to 100% off. Many of the rebates are so large that the items are free after rebate. Just check out the "100% off" section to find these 100% rebates.
  • eCoupons - eCoupons: Hundreds of savings at local, national, and online stores. eRebates: They pay you to shop - They pay you when your friends shop.
  • HotCoupons - They are a leader in online coupons, saving you money on products and services you use everyday near your Home, Office or when you Travel. Just enter your zip code or city/state and click "GO!"
  • - All you need to do to collect valuable coupons and other money savings services is register for a FREE email account and start collecting coupons in your inbox.
  • SaleSeeker - Find Sales and Specials at local stores, online stores and catalogs with their search engine. Also sign up for free email notification of Sales and Specials (personalized for your sales area and your personal preferences).
  • ShoppingList - Your Online Guide to Offline Sales! Use their search engine or explore their directory for sales.
  • Suzi Coupon - There are over 400 pages of free coupon offers, money saving tips and great deals on these pages. Don't forget to sign up for their free newsletter.
  • ValuPage - Receive coupon savings on leading national brands at local supermarkets. Enter your zip code and click on the button below. A zip code is all you need to save.
  • - Print FREE coupons from your own computer or find big savings from your favorite online stores.

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